Success Stories

COVID-19 Partnerships: Drs. Emma Meagher and Ian Frank, University of Pennsylvania
During the pandemic, Drs. Meagher and Frank played a critical role in coordinating clinical research efforts at the University of Pennsylvania.
COVID-19 Partnerships: Katharine Bar, University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Katharine Bar directed her career-long expertise in HIV virology and clinical trials to launch two critical studies of convalescent plasma in COVID-19.
Advising Congress on Supporting Life Science Start-ups
Life science start ups aren't university enterprises, and they aren't fully formed companies. How should the federal government best support these enterprises?
Investors and Communicating Authentically, with Mark Bayer
Communicating complex technical or scientific ideas effectively is often challenging, but never more important than when establishing a joint sense of risk with investors and stakeholders.
Helping the NIH Redefine their Sepsis R&D Strategy
Sepsis is among the most challenging human illnesses to study and to treat.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans are affected each year.  Sepsis is most often the result of a person's …
COVID-19 Partnerships: Julio Chirinos and Jordana Cohen, University of Pennsylvania
Drs. Julio Chirinos and Jordano Cohen repurposed years of expertise in studying hypertension and heart failure to execute an early critical clinical trial in COVID-19.